Anaesthetic high

It’s weird, when you are a child you are given constant reassurance, praise and multiple pats on the back for doing things well, or quite honestly, even averagely at times.

Adulthood hits and there seems to be this weird shift. Suddenly we might make someone too much of a show off to praise them, too big headed to acknowledge their achievements or even too jealous to say anything at all.

Instead of this amazingly positive world, negative nellies lurk at every corner. Pure mood hoovers suck the life out of you and it can be exhausting to keep being you in the smog, especially if it’s a family member or friend causing the harm. Your guilt might keep you loyal for longer than it should, but you know it’s not helping your mood and general well-being overall. Little tip, it’s never them, always you and most negative nellies describe themselves as positive people, yawn.

So if like me, you are wasting far too many brain cells trying to work out what you did wrong, stop! It isn’t you, all you did was be yourself, don’t let anyone make you question your character or your integrity. The very fact you’ve wasted time worrying is a fairly decent indicator you are who you thought you were.

You can’t be everyone’s cup of tea and it can be really hard when you are a natural people pleaser, but it’s ok to not be liked and it’s also ok if people have a bad impression of you, no matter how unjust. As my mum always says “it will all come out in the wash.”

Perhaps the only decent thing about being 31 (bit dramatic 🤣), is I’ve had thousands of encounters with human beings and I can count on one hand the bad experiences. Just think of the percentage of good ones.

I consider myself lucky to have so many cheer leaders in my life so who needs the ones who don’t clap? If you can go to family members and friends with a problem and know you are safe, how lucky are you?

I had to have a little operation today under general anaesthetic and in the recovery room all of us were chatting away, lifting each other up and generally having such a good laugh. It restored my faith in women.

We are bonded together, let’s raise each other up and stop tearing each other down, the world is cruel enough already.


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