And relax…

Mega surreal waiting to talk to BBC Radio 5 live about half term and what to do.

My plans involve… well no plans.

How lovely is it to not have to be mean mummy for the week? My heart hurts a little each time I have to cut off a story they are telling me to nag them to hurry breakfast along.

My guilt kicks in for being terribly disorganised when I’m scrambling for the Zoom code a minute before it starts. Simultaneously printing the sheet out they need and cursing myself for not ordering more ink.

My patience, or lack of it, is highlighted as I mutter “the quicker you get this writing done, the quicker you will get to play.”

My fear for doing a good enough job of homeschooling that they will go back without having taken ten steps backwards in their education.

I fight back a tear every time my 3-year-old starts his sentence with “When coronavirus has gone…” knowing in my heart of hearts he probably doesn’t really have memories of a world before the pandemic.

Most of all though, I feel sad that their home isn’t their fun, warm, safe space. Now it’s a learning environment where they are told to put down their toys and pick up their pencils to do a task they really don’t want to do.

So this week we will mostly be doing nothing. They can be the ones who get to mop the floor. (They are desperate to, I promise 😂). They can make dens that will stay in place all week no matter how inconvenient, they can do their womble of Spalding Common litter-picking but most of all they get to pick what we do and when.

P.S definitely the most glamorous I’ve looked at 6.45am to be on a FaceTime call!

Ah, a hot drink alone.

2 thoughts on “And relax…

  1. So pleased you are encouraging your children and others to go litter picking. As you say it makes a walk more interesting and teaches them about their environment. As a litter picker myself I hope it encourages more parents to do the same. Litter grabbers are available for just a pound in the pound shops. Thank you and thank you to your children too.

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    1. I do hope so too. It’s amazing once you start how much you notice the litter more too isn’t it? If we all took an interest it would make such a huge difference. Thanks for taking the time to comment, really appreciate it. Ailsa


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