Fa la la la la, la la la la

Just keep swimming. Will we see family this year? Will we get locked down for January? Will my house ever be tidy? Is there even room for new toys in the playroom? Will I ever wrap the presents?

Last Christmas felt so difficult trying to feel festive when the festivities were snatched away so close to the big day. It felt like we needed family contact more than ever, yet for most of us it did not resemble a normal festive time at all. Added to that, Sybbie was in the midst of her dairy intolerance so screamed basically the whole time. Nothing was very jolly and bright.

Fast forward to about September and I feel like the kids have been riding a christmas hysteria that’s built and grown to incredible heights. Suspense is in the air and the kids are riding it like a wave, at times I’m sure purely just to wind us parents up. I normally love to join in and watch Elf on repeat but I just can’t help but feel I somehow need to prepare for disappointment, hopefully not for the festivities but there definitely is a little cloud following us whispering “lockdown might be looming,” “homeschool anyone?” “Limit on numbers,” “cancelled events.” Of course we will do whatever it takes but there is definitely starting to be a Groundhog Day vibe and I always hated that film and the fear it would never end.

Then from out of nowhere, Wilf comes and snuggles up to me “I sensed you needed a hug, did I sense right?” Sybbie stands up by herself with a hilarious pout on her face and Georgie plays the first few bars of smoke on the water perfectly. George comes and asks if I want an Aperol spritz and suddenly I don’t care if we get locked in for a year, we have what we need right here. Well until the Aperol runs out anyway.

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