Love every moment…

There is so much pressure to cherish every single moment with your baby, it can feel a bit overwhelming. “You’ll miss it when they are, grown up,” is often banded about from wise, older souls.

I can honestly, hand on heart say, I will not miss the first few months of Sybbie’s life. No glasses can contain enough rose tint to change that viewpoint either!

It’s ok not to love every moment and it’s definitely ok to question if you’ve made a catastrophic error and ruined your life. For the record, you haven’t – but it won’t stop it flashing across your mind when you put a poorly baby down for the 15th time, only to have their eyes ping open the moment their head touches the cot.

It’s ok to question your mental health when the guilt hits after those thoughts – but it’s also ok to know you are probably perfectly well and just human with natural human thoughts!

Sybbie is like a different child since we switched the milk out and suddenly I remember what it’s like to have a happy, healthy baby but what if we hadn’t pushed and had the outcome? It makes me feel sad to think about how we were basically poisoning her on cows milk. It makes me sad to think others are battling through because their doctor has told them in a patronising tone “well babies do cry a lot.”

Cheesy grin for the win

One thought on “Love every moment…

  1. Well said Ailsa! I loved being a mum to you lot when you were babies( still do now you’re grown ups!!)but I would never pretend that I loved every moment! Babies are sometimes hard work and no one should feel guilty for admitting that! I’m very proud of the way you and George have coped over these last few months! Well done!! X

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