Just wanted to do a quick post to check in and make sure everyone was ok and coping with lockdown 3.0?

I feel like I am on a rollercoaster. One minute I am grateful for the extra time we all get to spend together and so thankful for our home and safety, the next minute I feel claustrophobic and like we won’t ever get back to normal and I could just sit and cry. When it rains all day like today too, the thought of getting through the next few months feels impossible.

Then there is homeschool. (Or as Anna Mathur put it today, “emergency school”. I highly recommend looking her up to generally feel better about yourself, she speaks such sense.) I wasn’t sure who was going to cry first today, George or me as he took one whole hour to write a single sentence in his book. A sentence that contained only words he can spell. A sentence he had come up with. A sentence I repeated probably fifty thousand times.

I had to walk away in the end and down a luke warm cup of tea to try and calm myself. If it was socially acceptable to drink a gin and tonic at 10.15 in the morning, with a baby strapped to you, I would have strongly reconsidered the beverage choice. The alpen light bar I shoved in my mouth didn’t do much to help either. Damn you Weight Watchers!

In an attempt to regain my confidence as their newly appointed parent teacher, I sat down with Wilfred to write out some letters on a sheet. He did one then kept dropping his pencil, somehow in a painfully irritating slow motion. I did my best Mary Poppins impression to try and encourage and positively reinforce but no, the pencil was just “too slippery”.

Tomorrow is a new day though eh? We can and will get through this together! Tell me some of your own woeful tales to make me feel better about my own shortcomings today.

Best day… of my life

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