Some realisations

Hello…It’s been a while as I have been desperately trying to get my final project completed for university but have really missed writing for pleasure. I thought I would share some of my coronavirus realisations with you to kickstart the blog again.

My children are either best friends or mortal enemies with no in between. It’s tiring and I often feel like a referee in the wrestling ring as they argue over the most ridiculous thing. Actually nervous for the day they discover WWE, Wilf is brutal already. When they are besties, it’s sleep overs and in-jokes but this can flip on it’s head without warning.

Trying to get a five-year-old to write is harder than getting blood from a stone. I’m really over it, good luck Mrs J.

Shopping is just plain weird in a mask. I’ve found myself alone at a shopping centre a couple of times now. Pre coronavirus this would have been a blissful time but battling the heat, avoiding people and trying to breathe through the mask is just not fun. Anyone else seem to always hand sanitize and then rub their eye too? Probably just me being an idiot.

The corona stone is way easier to go on than it is to come off, made even worse by the pregnancy waddle and snail paced walk. People who have taken the time to diet, exercise and generally improve their wellbeing, I salute you and I am not at all jealous.

If you have the pleasure of a grown up conversation in real life, outside of your family members, you will suffer from verbal diarrhoea as you try and get six months worth of conversations into an hour. I’m sure I even make words up sometimes as I excitedly relish the company.

If you got pregnant before March, your pregnancy will officially be the longest gestational period known to man. Yep, I am still pregnant. Yep I have a good few months to go yet. Oh well, more time to buy PINK baby clothes!

The lockdown has really put life into perspective. As horrible as this time has been and I am so sad for all the people that have died, but hasn’t it forced us all to realise what is important in life and what really isn’t? I’ve found it really healing and therapeutic to assess things in a clearer light. Follow Anna Mathur, it helps!

Team work really does make the dream work. Home working has been amazing and the children have loved seeing more of their dad at home. We’ve had a few meeting interruptions, often nudie rudie in Wilf’s case but overall we’ve found our rhythm and it’s been lovely.

It has been such a weird year with amazing highs and crashing lows but by gosh are we all ready for September and the routine it will bring us!

It will certainly be a year to remember. Let’s just hope it doesn’t become the new normal for too long. Headlines of this potentially being how we operate for the next 10 years make me fear it will be for longer than we would like though.

What realisations have you had since March?

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