We’ve got this

Blimey, one week done. Only one week and a weekend… It is completely crazy. I feel like I have been at home for years.

Not sure if you feel the same but I have so many ups and downs in one day, it’s exhausting. Generally I feel really upbeat and positive but then a misty eyed moment creeps in. I adore my children of course, but the idea of this being our reality for the foreseeable future is quite a tricky thing to comprehend. They too are going through all the emotions as they process their new normal and we are all trying our best to muddle through.

I haven’t seen a human other than our family for so long it almost creeps me out to see someone out of the window or encounter a person on our daily walk. Imagining a crowded room seems so strange and alien already.

It is so hard to be isolated from your normal social interactions especially those we so rely on to get through the week. A cup of tea at a friend’s, a walk before school pick up, a playdate to blow off steam or a curry at my parent’s house, it props my week up. Houseparty has been a great app to speak to all my family at once, I really recommend it. Just be warned people drinking tea always makes you want your own cup. It’s a shame it can’t be made virtually.

So as I am definitely more anxious, I thought I would share some top tips I have picked up from some wonderful people over the years. Please tell me yours too!

Firstly my wonderful yoga teacher Claire said not to sleep on your left hand side. You can hear and feel your heart a lot more clearly and if you are struggling with anxiety, it really doesn’t help as you convince yourself you will hear it stop or beat too fast.

Turn the news off. Yes we need to know some information, but dip in and out yourself to get the facts rather than watching the news on a loop. It is such an overwhelming volume of information it can really damage your mental health as you worry yourself sick.

Delete social media apps so you have to physically go on the website versions. Coming off social media isn’t always an option but it can really help your anxiety. I have definitely felt inferior to other parents as my children watch more TV, trash the house, have 23 snacks a day, are naked from the waist down at all times and are either best friends or mortal enemies. I couldn’t get a fake Instagram reflection even if I tried.

Breathe deeply and slowly into your stomach. This helps to stop you breathing quickly causing you to panic and I always find it grounds me and my thoughts as you are forced to slow down.

Pop on some classical music with some essential oil in your burner. This is especially good if you have a lot of work to concentrate on as it sharpens your thoughts and mind. If I am trying to do some university work, it always amazes me how quickly I get on with it rather than wasting time procrastinating on quizzes to find out which Tiger King character I am.

Watch an old classic film or something that reminds you of your childhood, it is sure to put a smile on your face for a few minutes.

If all else fails, download Barry McDonagh, The Dare Method as an audiobook and work through all his steps. It is amazing and a great method to face your anxiety head on.

I am forever grateful to our amazing workforce keeping us all safe. You are all heroes and I apologise for my slightly poor taste woes, I know you would all love to be at home with your children.

This is only acceptable because George is shielding Wilfred’s bare bottom. Clothes are non essentials in our house clearly!

One thought on “We’ve got this

  1. I have to agree the news is killing me. I read something today and now I’m obsessing over dates and places I was. Awful situation we are all. Snacks are terribly good though…I’m finding the best way to eat Jaffa cakes, it’s a science lesson well that’s what I’m telling myself 😂

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