Day two

As Disney+ launched today I fear I have lost my mini students for a few days. Who can blame them, a day of Disney mixed in with a run about in the glorious sunshine. Sounds like the perfect day to me.

Perhaps like me you are feeling massively overwhelmed. My inboxes are full of great recommendations for resources for both my children. As I try to keep taking a mental note, the reality is there are far too many and I am a little unsure where to even start. We are working through the school pack as and when George shows an interest at the moment and frankly that is good enough for me.

We are all worried for the weeks to come and after George was up in the night in tears, I decided to completely relax about the whole school/home juggle. His main concern was how would people know what Boris was asking them to do if they didn’t watch the news. The realisation he can’t see his friends and grandparents also hit like a tonne of bricks. So we spent yesterday morning making rainbows for our window and also for Beth’s Mind ladies who are lonely.

It is completely in the back of my mind that he will potentially miss the most important term of Reception but that doesn’t mean I have to somehow become teacher of the year to make up for it. We will do what feels right and not sweat too much over what we don’t manage to get done. As the weeks go by I think naturally he will want to do a bit more, he is a geek at heart like me so I will keep letting him lead.

The ‘we interrupt this broadcast’ type speech from Boris yesterday really brought it home what a crazy time it is. It all feels very war like but thankfully all we need to do is stay in our own homes as much as possible. I think the ‘our homes’ part of that really strikes a chord with me. The latest audiobook I listened to was The Tattooist of Auschwitz and it is such an incredible story that feels so inconceivable and might just help put this into prospective a bit. We are incredibly lucky if we get to stay at home and not have to face this front on and I thank everyone out putting their lives at risk to keep us safe.

So if you feel a bit lost at sea with education, I am right there with you and if it makes you feel better I am not following a strict plan based around a million online resources, great! We can muddle through our new reality together, loving each other a little harder and being grateful for the most important things in life.

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