The calm before the storm

I am joining the millions of people feeling more than a little anxious right now.

Glued to BBC News it all feels like a dream, or more accurately a nightmare we will all wake up from soon.

The reality is this though. I get to stay at home and think of creative ways to entertain two children while the backbone of Britain go out to work. The insanely amazing medical sector, understaffed and ill prepared for such an unprecedented disaster, the police and fire people, the supermarket workers stacking our shelves into the night, the lorry drivers delivering the food and goods, the carers who cannot leave the vulnerable to fend for themselves and the shop keepers still having face to face contact with customers, knowing they have vulnerable people in their family. The list goes on and on and I haven’t even scratched the surface.

We are all worried how we will pay the bills, some whilst working from home taking on the role of teacher for our children and generally working out how not go insane for the next few months. The best part though is we are all in it together.

Let us all take the Government advice no matter how inconvenient. The more we social distance, the less we are putting our fellow backbone workers at risk. Yes we might have more time and not feel ill ourselves but that isn’t the point. The advice isn’t there to be annoying and they certainly haven’t taken it lightly as it is likely to cause severe economic impact for years to come.

So to try and be positive about it. I am looking forward to spending more time together as a family, getting some house and garden projects done, drawing and writing letters with the children to friends and family to brighten up their days, playing educationally with the children to try and continue their learning in a fun way and finally actually talking to people on the phone again.

Let’s really take this for what it is, help our fellow workers in a less fortunate position and make the most of it. We can do it, we will get through it and you never know, we might be better people for it.

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