The Impossible Decision.

The eve of a new normal for us. I’m not sure we as parents have ever had to make such an important decision. It genuinely felt at times like we were damned either way. If we sent the children to school and nursery and they got poorly, it would be our fault for taking the […]

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All about Tom

As we all hug our families a little tighter before bed I am feeling so many emotions all at once. The excitement on the face of my five year old as he squeezed his special Doggy Teddy tight was infectious but it also hit me like a tonne of bricks that one day in the […]

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The calm before the storm

I am joining the millions of people feeling more than a little anxious right now. Glued to BBC News it all feels like a dream, or more accurately a nightmare we will all wake up from soon. The reality is this though. I get to stay at home and think of creative ways to entertain […]

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