Sharpened Pencils

I love this time of year. Autumn colours are already creeping in and despite this current heatwave, it has felt like winter for ages! September brings back memories of shiny school shoes, massive coats, brand new sharpened pencils and the excitement to be reunited with your classmates again. The geek in me also loved the new exercise books, textbooks and fresh learning challenges a whole new school year presented.

Labelling seemingly endless uniform for my own children puts that same smile back on my face. Excitement for them to know who they will sit next to on the first day back, what fun games they will invent for playtime and naturally what topics they too can geek out over. This year feels special for my eldest who will be taught by a wonderful teacher who taught me (a few too many years ago!) and I can’t wait for him to thrive on her passion for history just like I did.

Somehow Wilf starts Reception this time and I can’t quite believe how quickly he has grown up. Summer babies seem to start school in a blink of an eye with Wilf having a whole year less at home compared to his older brother. A teeny tiny positive of Covid though was spending so much time with him before his big adventure. He is asking every single day if it is time yet, so his enthusiasm and zest is very much rubbing off on me and preventing big ugly tears to a slideshow of his baby pictures, well yet anyway.

September feels like a month of fresh starts and new beginnings with pumpkins starting to appear in shops, Halloween decorations and even the odd Christmas item. The house can finally be put back together after a long summer and I’ve got a real hankering to watch ‘You’ve Got Mail’ on repeat. Big ugly tears a necessity for that, of course.

I will miss my little sidekicks terribly, especially in the first few weeks as I clock watch with a renewed optimism that they will tell me all about their day. They won’t. That information seems locked down like they are at a spy school. I would be lying if I pretended I wasn’t ready for a break from their bickering and terrible jokes you have to laugh at every five minutes though.

Anyone with me on September or are you all mourning the last of the summer heat?

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