I love that you can feel the buzz of the country in the air. Obviously it’s mandatory to listen to Three Lions, Vindaloo, World in Motion and Carnival de Paris on repeat until Saturday right?

As I jumped around the room with my six-year-old and watched his excited face, hands over his eyes when Germany looked dangerous and grin at the end, I felt like I was six myself. I was transported back to my childhood home sitting on the floor between my dad’s legs with him shouting at the TV “the goal is as big as that wall,” and yes, unfortunately I am old enough to remember the aforementioned songs coming out. It cuts deep that “30 years of hurt” is dangerously creeping up to 60.

Sometimes it feels like it is all passing by in the blink of an eye and I worry I’ve not got the best memory, so have forgotten details I so desperately tried to imprint. Actually being able to share a moment with my eldest like this though makes me remember that yes, some things are behind us but so much excitement is still ahead of us. The fact he will also remember some of these times and retell them through grinning, sparkly eyes when he is older is just everything. Though there are lots of memories I’m sure my own mother wishes we didn’t bring up at every opportunity!

Family memories are made in moments like these and to have a reason to dance around the room without a care in the world, knowing most of the country was doing the same was priceless.

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