Starting the week right

So I ventured to the gym for the first time of a weekend today. I don’t know why but I felt nervous about it? Think sometimes you build it up in your head for no reason as in reality at 10.05 this morning, there were about 5 of us in the gym in total. I got my headphones in and did a fast paced 30 minutes on the cross trainer initially. Music is so powerful as if you have the right playlist with all your favourites on, the time just flies by and your only worry is not to belt out the tunes at full volume 😂.

Next I entered the big room where you have PT and was surprised to find it was just me in there! So I was able to recreate on of the PT sessions I loved, albeit sad as it was without Kellie and definitely didn’t have the same level of intensity but still I survived and feel so amazing for going. We have a healthy lunch of stuffed sweet potatoes cooking and I feel so set up for Monday now and cracking on with exercise. My Mahara leggings had their first outing today too and they are so amazing! Everyone needs a pair 😍.


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