Boxing 🥊🥊🥊

So the weekend didn’t really pan out as planned, an emergency dog rehome stalled the plans for a weekend away 🤦‍♂️. I did however still make it down to London for the Mahara sports event. I felt completely out of my comfort zone in all honesty and worried the whole train journey there that it would be all 21 year old models. On arrival to Blok in Clapton, I was immediately put at ease as I joined a couple of other lovely ladies who too had arrived early. They were really friendly and I think our joint nerves made us instant friends for the duration of the event! They were both clearly in much better shape than me but my nerves went as I felt we had common ground. (One was a fellow mum to two children!)

The Mahara team and their ambassadors put us all at ease and made us feel so welcome. We went through to the studio and the class started with a live saxophonist and electric drummer! It really worked well with a decent backing beat and added an element to the workout I’d never experienced before. I’m a big music fan and find making my gym playlist perhaps my favourite job ever, so this really struck a chord with me!

Flora and Rick started the class off and I had a real buzz as they were in the most amazing shape and so uplifting and positive. I’m not going to lie, the warm up felt nearly as hard as my Joe Wicks daily Hiit sessions and as Joe himself would say, I was blowing 😂. It really was all so fun though mixing floor work with boxing gloves on and work on the bag in pairs. Having had a baby 7 months ago, my core is still somewhat weak so I did struggle at times but Rick kept me going with encouragement and I was really proud of myself for getting through the workout! I am definitely keen to add a boxing workout to my weekly routine so just got to look into that. I’ve never sweated so much in my life so know it was a fantastic workout.

If you get opportunities to completely step out of your comfort zone and learn from experts, do it! The worst that can happen is you slow your pace a bit or skip a few reps to catch your breath.

As always I recommend you look at Mahara sportswear. I got a sneaky 20 percent off so ordered a spare pair of leggings. They are my favourite workout leggings by far and found I was always washing them to make sure I could wear them again for my workout! I love what they stand for, it’s a real brand for real women.

I also recommend looking into Free Soul protein shakes. The guys went through the brand with us and they are so lovely. I really got the impression their heart and soul has gone into making it the best product on the market for women working out and their skin and nails. It also tasted amazing so I have ordered some bits from their website.

So who to start following on Instagram for amazing inspiration and fitness tips…

@freesoulsistas   @rickel_white   @foodfitnessflora     @maharasport    @sophiegraceholmes


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