I’m still here 😂

After a rubbish couple of weeks of illnesses and general bleugh, my blog has taken a back seat. I’ve been off my food and not really had anything exciting to say 😂. I have really missed writing though so thought I’d return with some goals and plans. The small violin can be put away now 😂.

The lack of food has been quite good for the scales but the lack of energy has meant very few workouts so over the weekend I plan to ease myself back in gently at the gym, no Kellie to whip me into shape though, sad face!

I am in my last week of nude food. I feel like I have learnt so much about food prep and it has helped me lose a really decent amount of weight. Since Christmas I am down 11 lb and down to my lowest weight since having Wilfred and I am now only 3 lb off the lowest weight since having both children which is really exciting.

For the next 90 days I am turning myself over to the experts at Joe Wicks to turbo the last couple of stone on his 90 day plan. I am so excited as I’ve heard really good things and if the people on the tv program are anything to go by, you won’t recognise me in 90 days 😂. I am a massive fan of hiit workouts and can’t wait to combine it with some of my gym sessions. I’ve made a killer playlist (the important part right?)

I have an amazing what’sapp group on the go with other women sharing fitness tips and just generally making me feel guilty for slacking. I love a bit of girl power and there are some amazing things going on in the group which makes the journey a bit more exciting!


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