The look of love 💕


So PT two days in a row with yoga thrown in has broken me. Pushing the double pram up the bridge home felt like I was on SAS, he who dares wins 😂. No pain no gain though right? I’m definitely in the all or nothing camp when it comes to exercise so aiming for consistency over the coming weeks. My food is back to just what I’m given too which is brill, can’t wait for turkey curry for tea. Guess it’s a wise move to be pushed to a lack of mobility as I can’t walk to the kitchen for food, well played Kellie 😂.

Whilst making a cuppa earlier I could hear the distant giggle of Wilfred, laughing at his brother wiggling at him ( he’s discovered the wiggles 🤦‍♂️). The love between the two of them is so unconditional and beautiful. Their bond feels like it will last a lifetime and really reminds me of the bond between my older brother and myself. I managed to capture one of the looks in a terrible photo. What a lovely Valentine’s sentiment💕.


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