Tuesday essay 😂

I am having a busy week but not overly active so struggling to fit all my steps in, a lost bank card has also annoyed me, what an idiot. 🤦‍♂️

I was really pleased with myself as I remained on plan all weekend and a naughty weigh in on “the sad step” as Joe Wicks calls it, showed another pound off after the weekend. I was really worried I’d revert to old habits when not having prepped food but we actually enjoyed trying some new recipes from Joe Wicks’ latest book and I felt like I had complimented my prepped food week well.

So into my second week of prepped food by nude food and I would definitely say I’m learning a lot about my body. I have avoided carbs to a large extent for the last 6 months which has done me no favours. As soon as I relaxed off at the weekend, the weight would come back on and I’d spend the majority of the next week playing catch up. If it’s the right carbs, my body is fine and still can lose weight efficiently. The right balance of food groups also really fills me up. I’ve not felt this full for a long time which has done a great deal at helping me ditch sugary snacks as even when they were “in my allowance,” I can’t help but feel it wasn’t teaching me new habits and certainly wasn’t getting rid of the craving.

I am really taking Mel Wells’ Goddess Revolution on board and I am not on a “diet” if I feel my body needs a piece of cake, I’ll have one and not beat myself up forever and a day. It really has changed my outlook, a piece of cake isn’t going to ruin my week if I make the choice to have it and by taking the power, guess what? I don’t normally even want the cake 😂.

All this is so stupidly obvious and you are probably reading and thinking, “well durrr” but I think I’ve been on a “diet” for 15 years now with periods of success but years and months of struggle and sadness! If the next few weeks can keep teaching me and moving me closer to my happy weight, it will be fantastic as I really feel equipped to keep this lifestyle change going. 🏋️‍♂️


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