Jet lag waffle (not the eating kind ðŸ™ˆ)

Well our first night back has been interesting to say the least. Both boys awake between 11pm and 2am, baby just screaming and toddler wanting to play 🙈. I’ve prewritten this at about 4am (sorry for the waffling) and my toddler is still awake so I have no idea what the day brings, my baby has jabs at 10am too 🙈. Talk about back with a bump.

I naturally jumped on the scales as soon as we got home and it looked like 2 lb on so I have everything crossed that a pre breakie weigh will show a stay the same or a cheeky 1 lb on. I’m over the moon with that as my second week wasn’t great so it just shows what an impact my decent first holiday week had.

It feels like a funny time as I am starting the diet again properly today, love a fresh start Monday but it’s a continuation on my journey rather than a fresh start which is an alien feeling post holiday. I am so determined to not be a fattie anymore, I think this might be my biggest determination to date so it should translate into some epic losses. I still have time to ditch a stone before Christmas which would feel amazing. If it can be 17lb I would be the lightest I’ve been in about 3.5 years which would be the icing on the Christmas cake. Aim high and the result will be high even if you don’t quite make it.

Week goals- slow cooker stews, batch veg soup to snack on, an epic fitness plan put in place with Kellie, official ww weigh in Saturday, steps back up, Fitbit charged 🙈 and meals planned and pointed so I know where I stand for snacks, my stomach has definitely stretched so I know I’ll feel hungry. Better to factor this in then let myself get starving and reach for bad snacks.

Wish me luck for today. Tea will be on tap as I fear caffeine will be the only way 🙈.

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